Drone Imaging for the Metaverse

June 19, 2023by Nicholas Babb0

At this point you have probably heard about the metaverse. But what exactly is it? And how can drones play a critical role in the development of these worlds?

The metaverse is a digital universe where people can interact, create, and explore real or manufactured 3D worlds through a variety of peripherals like goggles, gloves, or other immersive technologies.

These metaverse worlds are rapidly gaining traction and countless companies are dumping sizable investments into the development and growth of the metaverse space. So how can drones play a vital role in the buildout of the metaverse?

As drone technology has become exponentially more sophisticated over the past few years, especially on the optics side, it is possible to simultaneously capture hi-resolution images and hyper-accurate geospatial data to generate incredibly precise 3D models of real world structures and environments. These models can then be uploaded and accessed through the metaverse to create unbelievably realistic experiences for users.

There are countless examples of how these models can be leveraged and provide meaningful purpose to the metaverse. One great example would be where a class of elementary students are learning about the Roman Empire and the more specifically the Colosseum. In the past, students would have had to rely on images in textbooks and descriptions of the structure to form an experience in their minds. With detailed scans by Drone LiDAR and layered hi-resolution imaging, students can strap on a pair of goggles to access the metaverse and experience the scale and beauty of the Colosseum first hand.

Another meaningful example would be the utilization of the metaverse in the commercial space. Let’s say you are an architectural engineer based in the United States and your firm is actively building a skyscraper in Dubai. You want to check on the progress of a flying buttress that is being added to the exterior. Using a drone equipped with a LiDAR and hi-resolution optics package the on-site flight team can quickly spin up a scanning mission. Once the scan is complete, the flight team uploads the new scan to the metaverse where you can navigate around the structure to inspect any specific elements freely. You would also be able to provide instant feedback, flag potential problematic areas, or add annotations for later analysis.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg and utilizing drone technologies in the metaverse space can have significant and longlasting impacts on the future landscape of the metaverse.

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