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Get insight into what lies beneath vegetation and other obstructions before your team steps foot onsite

Asset Tracking

Actively track your assets to improve longevity and reduce costly downtimes

Powerful Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

Organizations across the globe are leveraging the power of drone based imaging and data collection solutions to improve numerous aspects of their operations.
At Aerwurx we offer a diverse range of drone services that are specifically tailored to support your organizations specific needs.
Asset scanning provides organizations with the critical up to date data they need to effectively manage their infrastructures.
From roof inspections to highly detailed 3D structure scans, our fleet can capture the high quality data your team relies on.
Our RTK based drone surveying provides firms with the precision data they need to define boundaries and generate hyper-accurate maps.
Repetitive missions allows organizations to closely track site progress, identify deficiencies, and seamlessly manage assets.

Industries We Service

Our fleet has a wide variety of powerful optical payloads which capture rich images and data that can be leveraged by numerous industries.

Enhanced Operations

Our drones provide organizations with the critical data their teams need to drive informed decisions.
Detecting damages to assets or infrastructures provide organizations with the data they need to track damages and make informed remediation decisions.
Tracking site progress enables teams to better understand any gaps or deficiencies well before they become complex and costly challenges.
A complete assessment of assets and infrastructure allows organizations to establish a baseline of current quality and actively track and manage changes.
An aerial view of a site can allow organizations to quickly identify unsafe areas that could potentially prove to be a safety risk for their teams.

Our Process

We dedicate a great deal of time to understanding each mission areas unique landscape, obstructions, and airspace. This pre-mission planning expedites flight operations, minimizes risk, and reduces overall costs. It also ensures there is little to no impact on an organizations vital operations throughout the entire mission and that the proper safety measure are in place.

About Us

Our team is made up of passionate drone experts who are fully licensed, insured, and have real world experience flying commercial and industrial based missions.


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Aerwurx is a fully licensed and insured drone surveying, mapping, and imaging solutions provider based out of Richmond, VA.


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